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Our Partners

This program is the result of the incredible collaboration and support of The Kresge Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, ArtPlace America and RocketHub.


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We believe that arts and culture are vital to community life. We also believe that community is vital to arts and culture. We've seen that the leaders who thrive are the ones who understand and connect with their community. They partner with other local organizations and take part in civic initiatives. Most importantly, they listen to community members. This kind of connectivity and relevance is the key to sustainability. 

We've built the Creative Community Fellows program for leaders working at the intersection of culture and community. These individuals are using culture to respond to local needs and contribute to healthy neighborhoods. We will give them tools, training and access to others working in this space. This combination will fuel their visions for community change, sparking new ideas and helping put them into action. We will also provide a platform for Fellows to connect their work to their communities and to the field. This will create a global dialogue about the ways in which culture can restore and animate communities.

Our approach

The Creative Community Fellows program brings together a unique community of innovators committed to using arts and culture to design solutions for community problems. Led by experts and world-renowned thought leaders in social innovation, design thinking and creative placemaking, Fellows gain the tools, skills and networks to activate the ideas that will transform their communities. Our approach, simply put is to:

  1. Get the right people in the room
    Whether it’s in a classroom, a house in the Berkshires or an online space, a shared experience is a powerful thing. It creates community, which allows for the sharing of insights, for sparking ideas and for collaboration. But, it’s not about the room; it’s about the people. We are very deliberate in our selection of a diverse mix of Fellows. We will also hand pick a mentor – a proven practitioner and thought leader – to work with you throughout the program.

  2. Introduce ideas
    In addition to a fertile environment, you will learn alongside the team at NAS and other experts in areas critical to solving community problems. We will bring you some of the best ideas in transformative leadership, design thinking and creative placemaking. We will also provide you with the tools to help share and refine your own ideas. We will teach you the skills to immediately apply these ideas to your project.

  3. Facilitate meaningful conversation
    None of us have all the answers. Through facilitation we will tap into the collective wisdom of this community. We strive to fill the program with people who are bold enough to share their ideas and humble enough to learn and listen. Being open to sharing and listening will be your job. Building the armature to encourage meaningful conversation will be ours. The key to the NAS experience is the facilitation of discussion that taps the collective insight of the group and ensures that good ideas don’t get stuck. These conversations will continue online as well.

  4. Get to work
    This is where you will put the ideas into action. We see ourselves as your partners. We will provide you with tools, training and feedback to help as you drive your project. Look to your mentors and the community of fellows as an important resource to draw upon. Let’s work together to conceive, lead and rally support for your projects.



Learn more about The Kresge Foundation Learn more about the University of Pennsylvania Learn more about ArtPlace America Learn more about RocketHub

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The complex issues involved in leading a cultural nonprofit today can challenge even the most skilled management team. Using our first-hand experience in the arts and working with faculty from leading business and graduate schools, we deliver executive-level programs that help you find new opportunities, manage your resources and lead your organization toward its mission.


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